Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Disgrace and humiliation to our Diplomat , the way Devyani treated in US. The Govt of India needs to retrieve the dignity of India as a whole

Disgrace and humiliation to our Diplomat , the way Devyani  treated in US.  The Govt of India needs to retrieve  the dignity  of India as a whole
Even dociles and laggards, sometimes, strike back and as a vassal state, leaving the other party, the tormentor in amazement and bewildered.  US has always   considered India as second rate country, always bullying India , and always playing second fiddle and sheepishly we have been taking all their nonsense.  There is no vestige of any reciprocity on the part of US, even as we treat them with the dignity, they maltreat our constitutional heads of states, ministers  diplomats etc.  Defence minister George Fernandez was frisked and personal search was taken in US.  Not only him, they humiliated APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President, India, who was also frisked, Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chaterjee refused to bend and returned home bringing his dignity back.  There were some religious disturbances in India, US wanted to send off its religious affairs committee to assess if any atrocities were committed on minorities total invasion and intrusions on our personal credentials.     Religious intolerance is everywhere in the world, in fact, if we summarise the relations between various ethnic groups of Muslims, we will certainly arrive at a conclusion that there is no relative peaceful place.
It is congenital with US to lob logs in the fire and take the credit for all that goes wrong in India and at the same times, blame India for whatsoever goes wrong.  US refused to sign CTBT but expected all other countries to sign the same.  Why?   It is its hypocrisy and duplicity big brother.  It put albatross around Sadam Hussain’s neck claiming that Sadam has weapons of mass destruction.  In fact, it tasted blood and Colonel Gadaffi was also butchered like Sadaam, though it is the rightful context that Osama was killed in Abbatabad, the Garrison town of Pakistan.  I hold no brief for US but certainly US has the gumption to strike at will and strike the Pakistan, defying pakistan’s air space.  Nonetheless Osama was   responsible for twin tower attack and it took US many a years to eliminate Osama and it was by drone, a pilotless plane.  US is always focused on its enemy and it has rarely mixed its focus and goal. By levelling apocryphal charges against India’s deputy counsel General Devyani Khobragade’s was detained for 4-5 days, stripped naked kept in judicial custody with hard core criminals.  Seeing a CD Embassy car, even a dog stops barking but no veneration for propriety was shown towards her.  Those responsible  for heaping  insult on Devyani  should not be let off the hook by a simple apology.   I believe, whether it is a small country or big there need to be same reciprocity of   regard and action.  This is for the first time India has taken a tough stand  against US  without mincing words and conveyed in unequivocal terms  that nothing short of profound apology should be tendered , not only that it should be something beyond paying lip service.  It is stunningly surprising that all our ministers have come together like a house on fire, and conveyed that we will not be taking US nonsense anymore. 

US indulge in calculated deception, US is always playing strategic Ludo, whenever USA intrudes into Indian affairs, it is bedlam, USA sups with Pakistan notwithstanding the fact that  both of them have mistrust against each other , it is  a marriage of convenience  that both of them are continuing with the relations.  Passion of hate it seems is abandoned between the two but  this is  simply wishful thinking and a poor strategy by both the parties.  


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